Ivanov Orchestra Model (OM-C)

We are huge fans of Dontcho Ivanov. This is the first of this new model, and we are all in love here at the shop.

If it were legal to marry a guitar, we’d put a ring on one the tuner posts and call this brand new Grand Salon OM from Dontcho Ivanov our partner for life. This guitar is simply incredible. - Paul Heumiller

Ivanov Snow Parlor

« This little baby is a new favorite here at the shop! Parlor guitars are definitely coming into the vogue now, but you'll never see one like this! The wood selection and simple, elegant decorative theme make sure that this guitar will never go unnoticed even in a showroom full of high end instruments. And for all that, it plays just as good as it looks. »

Paul Heumiller, from Dream guitar

« I like this guitar. It has a cool look and a great sound, ideal for folksy fingerstyles and even strumming. Loads of fun to play. I want one. »

Al Petteway, from Dream guitar

 New Ivanov Classical 2017